Hansi Ebert

Program Manager

Guided From:


At REI since:



Scottsdale, AZ

Hobbies/Fun facts:

I began guiding at the age of 18 and worked in various places such as California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming. I obtained a BA in Tourism/Business from Black Hills State University, one of the first tourism degrees ever offered! I love hiking, weightlifting, handstands, doodling, spending time with my two kids and getting outside of my comfort zone.

What do you love most about guiding/working in adventure travel?

The adventure travel industry attracts creative, athletic and engaging people, so I am always surrounded by people who are fun and therefore, there is never a dull moment at work. I love taking a bunch of information and organizing it so it is easy to understand and people walk away feeling informed. I am fueled by the satisfaction that comes with carrying out memorable trips that leave a lasting impression on our guests and clients.