Brooke Kieslich

Administrative Coordinator

At REI since:



Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

What type of tours do you guide?

As an Admin Coordinator, Brooke helps all of the teams at AZAC behind the scenes, so they can focus on what they do best. From timekeeping and expenses, to permit applications and reporting, she keeps her eye on all of the details to ensure accuracy.

Hobbies/fun facts:

When she’s not behind her computer, she enjoys hiking in local preserves with her man and their dog, wandering antique markets and thrift shops for mid-century modern pieces and traveling all over with family and friends.

A memorable moment from your job:

I had a customer when I worked in the Footwear Department that seemed to be struggling with what hiking shoes to get. I found it was important to balance providing answers with giving her some space to not feel any pressure. After a while she shared her story with me which I think was causing a lot of emotions to surface in the moment and rightfully so! She was traveling overseas to enjoy a grand adventure with her Kidney Donor. It was her 10-year anniversary since her transplant was successful and the second time they were traveling together. I felt so honored that she felt comfortable enough to open up to me and to play a small part in her journey. We had a bonding moment that I reflect on and how important it is to get out and do the things you want to do while you can.