Route Planning

Paddling Routes On Lake Washington

Of all the water activity available on Lake Washington, paddling a kayak or sup from an REI boathouse is the most convenient way to explore the ins and outs of the lake. Both REI boathouses are conveniently located on the east side of Lake Washington just off the 405 interstate. Each location offers an experience unique to their location, and allow you to spend as much, or as little time exploring Washington’s second largest natural lake.

REI Co-op Kayak Rentals at Meydenbauer Beach Park

Rent a kayak or SUP at the Meydenbauer Boathouse.

Paddle a loop around Meydenbauer Bay

Beginning at the Meydenbauer Bay Boathouse you can head northwest toward Clyde Beach Park and around the bend, observing the houses that crowd the shoreline. Follow the beach south to the edge of the bay, and head back toward the boathouse or continue southeast to Chism Beach Park.

Catch some views of Mt. Rainier

One of the best experiences you can have when kayaking or paddleboarding from our Meydenbauer Bay Park boathouse is to leave the mouth of Meydenbauer Bay on a clear day and head straight out into Lake Washington. As you enter open water, look down lake for an incredible view of Washington’s iconic Mt. Rainier.

REI Co-op Kayak Rentals at Enatai Beach Park

Rent a kayak or SUP at the Enatai Boathouse.

Paddle into Mercer Slough

Mercer Slough is a calm and scenic water trail located less than .5 miles from the the REI Boathouse at Enatai Beach Park. Paddle briefly on Lake Washington before meeting up with the 320 acre wetland, and into the water trail. Once you’re in, you can venture in as far as you’d like, or complete the lollipop loop for a total of about 4.5 miles of paddling.

Paddle around Mercer Island

Seen from the shores of both the Meydenbauer and Enatai boathouse locations, Mercer Island is the closest feature from the shores of Bellevue. Circumnavigating the island is sure to be a more challenging paddling day clocking in right around 15 miles. Landing points exist every few miles, but depending on how many stops you make this trip could take anywhere from 4-6 hours.