Yellowstone National Park Guided Day Tours

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Guided Tours Of Yellowstone National Park

Although popularly defined by geothermal icons like Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park is much more than geysers. Residing in three states and spanning 3,472 square miles means more space to roam for the wildlife that thrive here, which happen to be over 200 species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish. Long after the local flora and fauna established their nearly complete ecosystem, Ulysses S. Grant signed Yellowstone on as the first National Park in the United States. Since then the park has been a premier hub for recreation and study alike, including ongoing efforts to restore the grey wolf population.

For the outdoor oriented person Yellowstone has everything to offer. You can spend an afternoon on the trail or enjoy the back country over a long weekend. In addition to hiking, there are options to do everything from biking to birding, to painting, horseback riding or cycling.