National Parks Tour Experience

To take a guided tour means to take full advantage of the time you have to spend in a National Park. We understand that maximizing your time is of utmost importance, and our itineraries are designed for you to get the most out of your experience each and every time. While we have specific routes available, our guides’ familiarity with the park means there is never a “cookie-cutter” experience when going on a day hike. REI guides have been enriching the lives of our guests for 20+ years on REI Adventures trips, and now can apply that same fulfilling experience to any of our National Park Day Tours. From snowshoeing to family friendly trips, our tours are designed to inspire, teach, and challenge everyone from the seasoned adventurer to the beginner hiker and everyone in between.

Equipment and Safety

All of the equipment used on National Park Guided Hikes is top-quality outdoor equipment from trustworthy brands. Our gear is cleaned, tested and maintained after every use, guaranteed to be suitable for your use during your tour. Snowshoes(if applicable), day packs, trekking poles and all other gear is transported to the meeting point by your guide. All you need to do is show-up with your required personal gear (defined by the gear list) prepared for an enjoyable experience in the outdoors.

All of our guides are CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified. They also carry extra water and snacks, and are well acquainted with all routes used for our tours.

Education & Inspiration

On our guided hikes, guides share their knowledge about the National Parks in which they guide.  Flora, fauna, and natural history of the park are topics guides are eager to share on your time together. Individual interests of the guides become very apparent as the animated stories flow, directed by their own passions and specialties. Whichever guide is lucky enough to be on your tour, rest assured there is always something new to learn and experience.

Prepare For Your Trip

Our trips are designed with the active travelers in mind. This means you don’t need tons of equipment or planning to just show up and enjoy your day. However, there are some steps you can take to make the steps on the trail that much more enjoyable.

Personal Gear

Being comfortable in your personal gear is vital to your experience. Make sure your shoes are broken in, comfortable, and in good repair for your day on the trail. Not to mention your socks- it’s important to have socks to keep you warm and dry, and worth considering bringing along an extra pair in case they’re wet or uncomfortable along the way.

Training For Your Trip

The difficulty of ours tours is set on a scale from beginner to advanced. Ratings are determined based on the distance and elevation change on trail, and are conservatively assigned based on the speed of a group. Avid hikers will naturally have an easier time on trail, but this does not mean those new to hiking will struggle. An average level of fitness sets our guests up for success as our tours focus on the entire experience rather than an intense workout.

Weather & Logistics

Severe weather can cancel our trips, but a healthy amount of weather will not. For this reason it’s important to prepare for the weather, and make sure you have anything you’ll need to remain comfortable. Light rain or snow is all part of the experience, and should be looked at as an opportunity rather than a cause for concern. Weather can also vary the time it takes to arrive at the meeting point and other logistics concerns. Make sure to plan ahead with these concerns in mind to ensure you get the most time and enjoyment from your guided hiking tour!

Difficulty Level of Tours

We offer National Park day tours in a range of difficulty to accommodate guests of varying interests and fitness. Unless booking a private tour, guests can expect to join other hikers on the same trip. We work hard to categorize the difficulty of our tours appropriately and offer complete transparency on the length and difficulty of each and every trail. Our tours offer enough flexibility for the guide to tailor the experience to the group, so no tour is exactly the same as another.

All tours can also be reserved as private tours for your party only, for an additional fee.

If you have any questions about the difficulty of a particular activity, please give us a call to discuss with our staff.