How to Pack for Your Adventure Trip

Aug 2020
How to Pack for an Adventure trip - layers

The stress of packing can be enough to cancel your plans all together, but don’t fret! We’re here to take some of that weight off your shoulders (literally). Use the packing matrix at the bottom of this page and the tips below as a reference along with your trip packing list (found on the trip preparation page).

The Magic of Layering

The key to being comfortable in the outdoors is layering with versatile pieces. Make sure every piece you bring has a function and can mix and match with other pieces. A rain jacket is a small, lightweight, all-season layer that is invaluable in wind, rain, and cold temps.

To Bring or Not to Bring? That is the Question

Most people overpack. Consider the season and think critically about what is necessary for your trip and for you personally. Bring just what you need to make travel a cinch. We recommend packing your backpack with clothing and required gear, then deciding on which of the optional pieces you’d like to take. This is something experienced adventurers do before each trip, and it helps us all embrace the simplified lifestyle the backcountry can afford us.

Going Hardcore

Hate overpacking? Think yesterday’s shirt turned inside out is new for today? We’re cool with that. But never skimp on the socks! Savvy hikers change their socks halfway through a hike, and we always recommend bringing a pair to wear with your water shoes to prevent rubbing and blisters.

Packing Matrix

Simply find the length of your trip along the top bar, and go down the list to decide on the number of each clothing item. While we recommend packing lighter and reusing items for multiple days, your personal comfort should always come first. We hope the Matrix shows that “grey area” of personal preference.

A guide to packing for your adventure trip


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