High Quality Used Rental Bikes for Sale

We have discounted our remaining fleet of road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, and kid’s bikes drastically and have a great crop of bikes available for sale! Check back periodically for updates on available models.

Bike Sales FAQs

How does your rental bike sale work?

Once our rental bikes reach their first birthday, and our rental season slows down, we sell the bikes.

What condition are the bikes in?

Our bike fleet is in great shape; they are kept clean and maintained to mechanically operate perfectly. The bikes for sale are priced appropriately to reflect their current condition, so whether you want a lightly used Trek Domane 6.9 or a scratched, inexpensive mountain bike, we have a bike to fit your needs. As a general guideline, the bikes are priced at 40-65% of their MSRP price when new.

How do I know which size bike to buy?

When it comes to bike sizing, there are some basic fit guidelines to follow. These ensure that the bike you ride is most efficient and comfortable! If you’re in doubt or uneasy about getting your correct bike fit consult a professional at your local bike shop. See our Bike Fit Guide to determine which size fits you.

Test it to be sure!

If you want to ride the bike for a day or a week we will apply a portion of your rental fee for that bike to your purchase price.*

How do I purchase one of your used bikes?

Email us at info.az@rei.com or call us at 480.945.2881, with the following information to come check out your desired bike!

  • Your name, email, and phone number
  • Your height and desired frame size (if you know it)
  • Your desired model of bike

*If you are interested in buying one of our bikes, rent it before you buy it and we will deduct up to one day’s rental fee from the sale price.

Note: this policy does NOT include applying rental history to a purchase; this only applies to the rental of the bike purchased. All rental bike sales are final.

Talk to Someone about Bike Sales

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