Arizona Kayak Rentals

Not far from the the major cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa lie many of Arizona’s most popular kayaking destinations waiting to be explored by tourists and locals alike. Each of these wild spaces promise spectacular scenery and surprising accessibility, but the similarities stop there. Each of these waterways boast their own unique characteristics, so find what speaks to you best and get on the water with the help of the REI Adventure Center in Arizona.

Rent a high quality kayak, plus all the necessary equipment that comes with it, and you’ll receive guidance to help you get to your desired location and enjoy your day on the water in Arizona. Fit an inflatable kayak easily in your sedan, or ask about options for kayak delivery from the REI Adventure Center to the best kayaking locations.

Delivery Options

Give us a call to inquire about the option to have your rental kayaks delivered to the Salt River, Saguaro Lake, Lake Pleasant, or another waterway near Phoenix.

Why Rent From The Adventure Center?

We’re Close To The Action

We are less than an hour drive to some of the best kayaking destinations near Phoenix/Scottsdale. When heading out East to the Salt River or Saguaro Lake, the Adventure Center  is a quick and convenient stop to pickup your rental kayak.

Quality Of Gear

NRS kayaks are routinely trusted by white water enthusiasts and recreational kayakers alike. Our kayaks are inflatable to pack down small for ease of transport and to accommodate smaller vehicles. They are also self-bailing, which means water that inevitably makes it over the edges of the kayak will find its way out automatically. Whether it be for comfort or performance, there’s no need to compromise when renting a kayak in Arizona.