Arizona Tours & Rentals FAQ


Taking a day tour with us in Arizona? See some common questions below to best prepare for your tour. If you have other questions, call the Adventure Center staff at 480-945-2881 or via email at


What To Bring

Water Tour

Shoes must be worn at all times on water tours. Sport sandals, water shoes or old sneakers are great options on the water. Personal items such as sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat are also recommended especially in warmer months. Review the “what To Bring” section of your tour page for details on what to bring.

Hiking Tour

Closed-toed athletic shoes must be worn for this activity. In addition to proper footwear, weather appropriate clothing is the only other must-have to participate in a hiking tour. Remember to also check the “What To Bring” section of your tour page for detail items that you might want to bring along.

Biking Tour

Footwear is most important on a bike tour, and this one requires closed-toed athletic shoes or bike specific shoes. If you have shoes that require specific pedals, please let us know in advance to make sure your bike is setup. Aside from proper footwear, guests who have cycling shorts or jerseys are encouraged to wear them, otherwise weather appropriate clothing is required.

Booking Info

How do I get my reservation confirmation?

You will receive a reservation confirmation in the email you listed when booking. In addition to this, you’ll receive a reminder 48 hours prior to your tour time.

What is your cancellation policy?

To receive a full refund, you must cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. If you cancel within 48 hours of your event you will not be eligible for a refund. No-shows on the day of the event are also not eligible for a refund.

Can I book the day of my tour?

All of our guided tours require at least 48 hours of advanced booking. Sometimes, groups can be accommodated on a shorter notice. Give our shop a call if you’re interested in a tour less than 48 hours in advance. We recommend booking well in advance, as our tours tend to fill up during the busy spring season.

Day Of Your Tour

What time do I need to check-in for my tour?

You should be at our shop 15 minutes in advance of your tour start time. This gives you enough time to meet your guide and take care of any last-second preparations before you set off.

Where and when do I meet my guides?

You should plan to arrive at our shop approximately 15 minutes before your town to get acquainted with our guides and prepare for the tour.

Can you pick me up from my hotel?

We offer hotel pickup and delivery. Call ahead for more information, or simply request a hotel pickup quote when booking your tour.

Bringing Kids

Are your tours family friendly?

Our tours are designed for all ages. Depending on your tour, there are some height and weight limitations put in place for the safety of everyone on our tour. Please call ahead to confirm before booking tours with young children.

Can my kids join the tour?

In the majority of situations we can find a tour appropriate for your child. Especially on water-related tours, we have safety guidelines to follow that dictate the required height and weight of our younger guests. Please call ahead to chat with our staff and find the tour that might be best for your little ones.


What is the weather like?

When outside of the summer season, the temperatures around Scottsdale are typically very fair. On average, Phoenix sees about 300 days of sun and especially in the late winter and spring seasons the sun encourages you to leave your sweater at home. You should always check and dress for the weather on your scheduled tour date.

Will we see wildlife on our tour?

Our desert and waterways are teeming with all sorts of curious creatures. Although we can’t guarantee you see any particular animals, we can guarantee they’ll see some of you.

What can I bring on tour?

You don’t need to bring anything other than comfortable attire on most of our tours. You are welcome to leave personal items in the vehicle while on tour to avoid carrying them around with you for the day. On water tours, we recommend bringing a dry change of clothes in the event you get wet.

Do have to have experience to take a tour?

You don’t need to be an expert mountain biker to take our tours. The same goes for all tours, as they’re designed with the flexibility to accommodate all skill levels. Your guide can appropriately keep all members of the tour engaged, no matter if you brought your own bike from home or this is the first time you’ve ridden in years. A moderate level of fitness is the best way to prepare for our tours.

If I’m happy with my service can I tip the guide? How do I do that?

Tipping is optional and at the discretion of individual trip members. Please remember, the following suggestion is merely a guideline, not an expectation. If you feel your guide(s) did an outstanding job and would like to reward them for their efforts, a suggested guideline is 10-20% of the trip price. The guide team will divide all gratuities equally among themselves. Your guides may have access to an electronic form of payment such as Venmo or PayPal, however this is not guaranteed. We still recommend having cash on hand in order to cover any gratuities you may wish to give. Credit cards cannot be accepted.

Where can I find more info about all of your tours offered in Arizona?

Here are all of the tours we offer in Arizona. Each page has information specific to each individual tour.