COVID-19 Updates: Arizona Adventure Center

We are continuing to monitor COVID-19 and adjust our operational standards in conformance with CDC guidelines to best prioritize the health and safety of customers and employees.

Guided Tours

The REI Co-op Adventure Center’s guided tours are operating with modifications designed to protect the health and safety of our customers and employees. We carefully evaluated our Arizona tours and operational standards to comply with guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and the state of Arizona.

On Your Tour

Health Screening

Participants and guides will perform a health evaluation prior to the tour to consider possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. This evaluation includes taking participants’ temperatures and reviewing a list of COVID-19 symptoms. Participants must inform our staff if they have experienced these symptoms. We are also requiring employees to check for COVID-19 symptoms before each shift and to stay home if they feel unwell. Please contact the Arizona team if you have questions about the screening: 

Face Coverings

Participants, guides and instructors will be required to wear CDC approved face coverings. Face coverings must also fully cover the nose and mouth at all times. Face coverings made of mesh or other loosely-knit fabric are not permitted. With physical distancing in place, there may be brief exceptions made during strenuous activities or if there’s a high likelihood of the masks getting wet.

When you arrive at the tour, please come prepared with a face covering.

Maintain Physical Distance

Whether on the water, on the trail, on bike or on foot, guides will support physical distancing between participants during activities whenever possible. Even while physically distanced from one another, participants must wear face coverings except during very strenuous activities or when there’s a high likelihood of the masks getting wet.

Meet at the Tour Location

Participants will meet their guide at the designated tour start location. For most hiking and mountain biking tours, this means meeting at a trailhead. Water activities meet at a water access point at the lake or river where your tour will take place.

When you book your tour, you will receive a confirmation email that specifies the meeting location.

Equipment Disinfection

All equipment is cleaned and disinfected prior to each guest use.

Contact Tracing

If REI is notified that a member of a trip tested positive for COVID-19 we will follow CDC guidelines and contact all participants. We will not share the identity of the individual.

Zero Contact Curbside Rentals

Zero-contact Curbside Pickup is now available for rentals at the Arizona Adventure Center. Reserve your rental online or over the phone and pick it up at the adventure center. We use masks, gloves, disinfectant and zero contact—maintaining physical distancing during your rental pickup and return.

What to Expect


Advance reservations are highly encouraged for rentals. You can make reservations online or over the phone at 480-945-2881. This allows our team to have your rental item prepped and ready to hand over to you when you arrive.

Picking up Your Rental

When you arrive at the Adventure Center, please call to notify us. You’ll find a greeting table outside the front entrance, and an employee will arrive shortly to explain the equipment hand-off process. We will maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet between parties.

Returning Your Rental

There is a designated rental return area set apart from the pickup area. When you arrive at the Adventure Center, you’ll be instructed as to where to leave your rental equipment.

Equipment Disinfection

All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before each guest use.

Face Coverings

Our employees will be wearing face coverings and we ask that you do too.

We believe that getting outside is an important part of everyone’s well-being. Our day tours and rentals offer a way to get outside when many of us crave it most. We’ve adjusted our operations in light of COVID-19, but ultimately participation is a personal decision.

The procedures described above are representative of the Arizona Adventure Center only. More information about REI’s store procedures, outdoor classes and events, and adventure travel trips is available at the following pages.

Contact Us

Contact the Arizona Adventure Center with questions about rentals or tours at


Updated 4/7/21